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Cleaning and Replacement of PPE

Any personal protective equipment must be looked after both during and after use. It is important that when you are not wearing your PPE that you store them appropriately either in a dry, clean cupboard or if smaller items, a box or case.

Lab coats can be stored on designated coat hooks when not in use, providing they are not stored with other outer garments where there is otherwise opportunity for cross-contamination. Most lab coats can tolerate a small build up of oil and grease without it penetrating through to your own clothing underneath. Excessive build up however should result in the lab coat being specialist cleaned prior to use or the purchase of a new lab coat as a replacement. NEVER wash lab coats in with your normal clothing as anything trapped in the fabric will be left in your own washing machines and could result in other clothing becoming contaminated. If you are working with a material that is likely to result in heavy contamination, see if there are any disposable coveralls that can be worn over your lab coat.

Chemical or biological spills are likely to require a specialist clean or replacement of your lab coat. Consult your supervisor where necessary if you are concerned.

Where safety shoes/boots and lab coats have been supplied to students, the expectation is that these should last the duration of your course. There will only be one pair of shoes and a lab coat supplied to students. Should there be a need to replace these due to wear, tear or damage, the cost will have to be met by the student. It is therefore vital that you look after your PPE.

School of Engineering employees and PhD students will be provided relevant PPE as dictated by the work that they are engaged in.

All PPE supplied MUST be checked regularly for defects and damage. Any wear/tear or damage must result in a replacement being sought prior to conducting the work that requires it to be worn. There is a ready stocked supply of a variety of gloves, disposal coveralls, disposable respiratory protective equipment and safety eyewear available from the Engineering Stores. Just make sure they offer sufficient protection!