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AcCoRD Publications

This page lists AcCoRD publications, including papers that describe AcCoRD or used it for simulations. If you use AcCoRD in your own work, then I please ask that you cite the primary reference. I would also be happy to add a link to your work here.

Primary AcCoRD Publication

The paper "Simulating with AcCoRD: Actor-Based Communication via Reaction-Diusion" (paper is published here, or is also available from arXiv) is the primary reference for AcCoRD. If you use AcCoRD in your work, then please cite this paper. It provides an overview of AcCoRD, including:

  • Motivation for developing a generic reaction-diffusion solver for communication analysis
  • Details of all simulation algorithms
  • Derivation of computational complexity
  • Verification of accuracy by comparing simulation output with analytical expressions
  • Insights into appropriate simulation parameters

This paper is in the March 2017 issue of Nano Communication Networks (vol. 11, pp. 44-75). It includes videos in the supplementary materials. A playlist of these videos is also available here:

Supporting AcCoRD Publications

Papers that describe new features added to AcCoRD:

Portion's of AcCoRD's design was initially motivated in the following papers:

Publications that Used AcCoRD

The following papers did not discuss AcCoRD's implementation but used it for some or all of their simulations: