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Warwick Engineering Toys 2019/20

This is our MEng 4th year project

Whilst in 3rd year, students complete an individual project. In 4th year, a group project is completed, working in team of engineering students from different disciplines, combining our different expertise.

Together, we solve problems, provide solutions and develop a product. At the same time, we develop understanding in project management, time management, ethics, sustainability, health and safety amongst other skills.

To learn more about our group and the project, please visit our About section

Self directed, hands-on learning is what we strive for at Warwick.

If you are feeling inclined, have a browse through our website to learn more about our project and the outcomes from it.

If you managed to pick up a package from us at the School of Engineering open day, head to our Assembly Instructions page where you will find both written and video instructions to assist with your construction!

Our team thanks you for visiting this website and we hope to see you again soon at the University of Warwick!
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Manufacturing Process

Initial Design

Issues and Solutions

Educational Aspect

Assembly Instructions





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Thank you for visiting us at the School of Engineering open day.

Here you will find information about this 4th year project and the group behind it.

In addition, there are resources for creating your own product!

Follow the above links to navigate the website