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Initial Designs

MAD Museum

We began our project adventure with a group trip to the MAD Museum in Stratford-Upon-Avon to gather some research on the toys that they have showcased. We took pictures, made notes and bought our very own laser-cut marble run to get a feel of how it assembled and functioned. Images of some of the toys in this museum can be found in the Gallery section.


The first design task we undertook was sketches. Each person in the group came up with ~2 toy ideas and sketched them out to get a general feel of how the toy would look and function. From this we had 7 toy ideas with accompanying sketches. These ideas can be seen below in the Decision Matrix.

Decision Matrix
This decision matrix showed us that the top three toy ideas from were; train, helicopter, and trebuchet. These are the designs that got taken to the next design phase, where they were modelled in the 3D CAD software and prototyped.
Final 3 Designs

During this process, after more research was done surrounding the three toy ideas, we came across a different version of the trebuchet than had been previously considered. From this point forward, the trebuchet had two designs; the floating arm trebuchet and the fixed-axle trebuchet. Both of these were then modelled and prototyped.

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