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IMPACT Vacation School Presentation Slides

Monday 21st September

Introduction to Parameter Estimation, Dr Mike Chappell (University of Warwick)

Introduction to PKPD, Professor Leon Aarons (University of Manchester)

Introduction to PKPD Continued, Professor Leon Aarons (University of Manchester)

Modelling of Type 2 Diabetes - Useful for pharmaceutical industry?, Dr Maria Kjellsson (Uppsala University)

Tuesday 22nd September

Personalised Medicine with Pharmacometrics, Dr Joe Standing (University College London)

Transition from Individual and Population Estimation, Dr. Paolo Vicini (Translational Sciences Clinical Pharmacology and DMPK)

Wednesday 23rd September

Challenges and opportunities for nonlinear mixed effects modelling of pre-clinical PKPD, Dr James Yates (AstraZeneca, Alderley Park, UK)

Population in Pharmacokinetics, Professor Leon Aarons (University of Manchester)

PKPD Modelling of Cardiovascular Feedback, Dr Tariq Abdulla (University of Warwick)

Population PKPD of Safety Data, Dr Teresa Collins (AstraZeneca, Alderley Park, UK)

Thursday 24th September

Sequential Monte Carlo Parameter Estimation Techniques, Dr John Aston (University of Cambridge)

Model Reduction Techniques, Dr Markus Tindall (University of Reading)

Model Reduction Techniques, Dr Tom Snowden (University of Reading)