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HTA Summer School Registration form

This Summer School speaks directly to PhD Students, early career Researchers and Academics with a technical background (i.e. Physics, Chemistry and/or Engineering), who are working on Healthcare Technologies, and aims to provide them with theoretical and practical multidisciplinary training on HTA principles. This will include methodology, modelling, mathematics, laboratory based training and relevant case studies (i.e. medical devices and not only drugs).

Attendees will learn principles, methods and tools that will be important to inform their activities, maximizing the uptake and impact of their research outcomes. Informing the research and the design of new healthcare technologies with scientific methods for early stage HTA will have a considerable impact on a number of important elements (i.e. cost-effectiveness, ethical issues).

For further detailes follow this link.

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions.

Contact Leandro Pecchia for details:

Thank you for your time.