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Lab Research Students 2017/2018

Georgy Namm, BEng in Mathematics & Physic

The project aims to assess the feasibility to develop a pupilometer via the mobile app. Setup for the acquisition of eye images included a mobile phone on a tripod, another mobile phone used as a flash generator and a few filters to obtain different intensities of light. Videos of the eye were acquired in a normal lighting condition, followed by flashes of light at different intensities with some resting time in between. Afterwards, some parameters (e.g. pupil size changes) were calculated out of the processed frames. These parameters showed how the pupil reacted to light and could be used to assess non-physiological behaviours. Finally, these results proved that pupil reaction to light can be evaluated even with low budget instruments. Future developments may include a Pupillometer application that automatically assesses patients’ conditions.

Fri 30 Mar 2018, 11:55

Mr Gordon Charlie-BEng Student

Mr Gordon Charlieis a BEng Student working on HTA analysis. The aim of this project is to identify the differences between the electrical environment of surgical theatres in low/medium income countries (LMIC), in particular Benin, and ones in the UK. Then using this information suggest how medical devices and their designs can be adapted to create a safer for environment for patients and medical staff in LMIC surgical theatres.

Tue 31 Oct 2017, 15:27