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Lab Research Students 2017/2018

Ms Natasha Vakharia, MEng Student


The project entails usage of previous anonymised ECG data where 42 healthy subjects were subjected to the Stroop Test and their HRV was measured for 7 minutes before that period and 7 minutes after. The Stroop test induces acute stress therefore I will analyse the difference between the acute stress periods and base periods in an ultra-short time period. After the analysis is done, I will choose an analysis to focus on whether it be in the non-linear domain or time-frequency domain.

Wed 06 December 2017, 08:24

Mr Gordon Charlie-BEng Student


Mr Gordon Charlieis a BEng Student working on HTA analysis. The aim of this project is to identify the differences between the electrical environment of surgical theatres in low/medium income countries (LMIC), in particular Benin, and ones in the UK. Then using this information suggest how medical devices and their designs can be adapted to create a safer for environment for patients and medical staff in LMIC surgical theatres.

Tue 31 October 2017, 15:27