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Dr Pasquale Innominato


Dr Innominato (PI) is an oncologist, internationally recognised as a leading expert in chronomedicine and chronotherapy, who is responsible for cancer applications in the ABSPIeH Lab (Intl J Cancer 2017; Annals Oncology, 2016; Pharma Rev, 2017; Ann Rev Pharm Toxicol, 2010). His main research interest is to improve cancer care through accounting for biological rhythms around 24 hours (circadian). His plan is to exploit chronobiology aspects for cancer care and to apply chronotherapy to cancer patients, to improve both the efficacy and the tolerance of anticancer treatments. In order to achieve this objective, Dr Innominato foresees integrating basic science, translational studies, clinical trials, and biomedical technology development within a systems medicine approach.

Since September 2017 he is a Consultant at the BCUHB Department of Oncology (Ysbyty Gwynedd Hospital, Penrhosgarnedd, Bangor), and responsible for a clinical observational study designed to investigate associations between changes in the circadian cycle and cancer therapy responses.

Main Publications