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MATLAB Routine to Generate Perturbation Signals

This routine incorporates functions to generate binary and ternary pseudo-random signals with length N up to 50000. Five classes of signals are available :-

    • Maximum length binary (MLB) signals
    • Quadratic residue binary (QRB) signals
    • Quadratic residue ternary (QRT) signals
    • Hall binary (HAB) signals
    • Twin Prime binary (TPB) signals

    Functions are also available to calculate three measures of signal quality :-

      • Performance Index for Perturbation Signals (PIPS)
      • Effective Performance Index for Perturbation Signals (PIPSE)
      • Effective minimum ratio between the actual harmonic amplitude and the specified harmonic amplitude at any of the specified harmonics (EMINE)

      If, in addition, the user has the Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox, then the user can generate MLB signals without having to know their characteristic polynomials, since the Toolbox is used to provide a default signal for any value of N. (The generation of QRB, QRT, HAB and TPB signals is not affected by the availability of the Toolbox.)

      To run the prs routine download Once extracted change the "Current Directory" in Matlab to the extracted location or add the extracted folder in Matlab by accessing File -> Set Path -> Add Folder. The GUI is then run by typing "prs" in the Matlab command window.

      The package requires MATLAB version 6.5 or above.