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Engineering Education Research Group

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The Challenges

The Teaching Excellence Framework will impose a mechanism for the monitoring and assessment of teaching quality in UK universities. It provides an opportunity for universities to demonstrate teaching excellence with key performance indicators to include: employability; student satisfaction and value for money. We are therefore challenged to contribute to pedagogy by undertaking robust projects which are effective and can be implemented across sector. We must define what we want the academic experience to be and how we can measure it to ensure continuous monitoring and improvement for students, teachers and stakeholders. As an integrated School of Engineering we are in a unique position to create an evidence based approach to support our common foundation as well as to exploit the interdisciplinary nature of our degree.


To prepare a syllabus and learning environment that:

  • Engages the students and teachers
  • Develops transferrable skills and technical competence
  • Builds on Warwick's systems approach to Engineering philosophy


  • Be involved in a range of innovative research projects in Engineering Education and Pedagogy;
  • Ensure the highest quality and most relevant Engineering Education for students in the School of Engineering;
  • Develop the understanding that will enable colleagues across the sector to introduce innovative and relevant learning and teaching practice that addresses the needs of Industry whilst engaging students in their learning.


  • Defining and implementing processes to measure and improve teaching quality
  • Providing information about best-practice for teaching and learning
  • Engaging with industry, students and institutions as stakeholders
  • Attending relevant events and conferences

Research (Current)

  • HEFCE Catalyst A Experimental innovations in learning and teaching. Developing a student-driven educational model between, beyond and across disciplines'. Dr Georgia Kremmyda
  • Humanitarian Engineering. Dr Georgia Kremmyda, Dr Volkan Degirmenc
  • Experiential Learning. Dr RIchard Lillington, Dr Claire Lucas, Dr Thomas Popham, Chloe Agg

"Paving the way towards a Warwick Humanitarian Engineering Centre” (IATL)

"Warwick Humanitarian Engineering Centre; Creating Shared Value" (IATL)

Research (Previous)