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Warwick Humanitarian Engineering

What is humanitarian engineering?

Humanitarian Engineering is the use of science and engineering to invent, create, design, develop or improve technologies which promote the well-being of poor, marginalised, and/or under-served communities; it is an emerging field which requires input from variety of disciplines.



Warwick Humanitarian Engineering is an interdisciplinary group across multiple schools covering the following area of study:
  • Disaster resilience and information
  • Renewable energy technologies
  • Water and environmental management
  • Infrastructure and sustainable cities
  • Humanitarian logistics and supply chain management
  • Humanitarian law
  • Global health
  • One humanity; shared responsibility


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Education and research

MSc Course on Humanitarian Engineering will be launched covering interdisciplinary areas of study

Humanitarian Engineering is an interdisciplinary challenge lead theme, bringing together Engineers and Social Scientists for the enhancement of economic development and well being.