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People - Dr Jacek D Wojcik


Dr Jacek D Wojcik

Project Manager & Research Fellow


University of Warwick
School of Engineering
United Kingdom


Dr Jacek Wojcik joined Power and Control Systems Laboratory in School of Engineering at the University of Warwick as a Research Fellow. Dr Jacek Wojcik graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland) in 2002. He gained a PhD Grant ‘Mathematical Model of Small Hydroelectric Power Station for Stability Studies’ founded by Polish Ministry of Education in 2006. He is working as Project Manager for the EPSRC IMAGES project and as Research Fellow on the EPSRC funded project ‘Flexible and Efficient Power Plant (Flex-E-Plant)'.

Research Interests

  • Thermal Power Plants - modelling, simulation and control
  • Power System Analysis, Modelling, Control and Monitoring
  • Renewable Energy Sources integration with the Grid


  • 2002-2007 - PhD in Electrical Engineering with specialisation in Electrical Power Systems, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Wroclaw, Poland.
  • 1997-2002 - MSc in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Management and Computer Science, Faculty of Electrical Engineering., Wroclaw, Poland

Previous Positions

  • 2007-2010 - IT Remote Support Engineer, Inspired Gaming Group, UK
  • 2006-2007 - Research Officer, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

Publications and Conference Papers

  • Wojcik, J.D.; Wang, J. Technical Feasibility Study of Thermal Energy Storage Integration into the Conventional Power Plant Cycle. Energies 2017, 10, 205.
  • J. Wang, S. Garvey, P. Eames, D. Evans, M. Waterson, M. Thomson, J. Busby, M. Giulietti, R. MacKay, A. Milodowski, J Wojcik, J Barton, X Luo, L. Flatley, A Pimm, L. Field, P. Romanos, D Parkes, B. Kantharaj, C Krupke, E. Webborn, A.D. Hutchinson, F Liu, M Dooner, B Chen: A Report on the Project of "Integrated Market-fit and Affordable Grid-scale Energy Storage (IMAGES)" Offshore Energy & Storage Symposium and Industry Connection Event, Valletta , Malta 13-15 July 2016
  • J Wojcik, J Wang, P Romanos, P Eames: ”Initial Study on Power Plant Operational Flexibility Improvement through High Temperature Thermal Storage Integration”. UKES2015 Energy Storage conference; Birmingham; 25th-27th November 2015.
  • M Draganescu, J Wojcik, J Wang, S Guo, X Liu, G Hou, Y Xue, Q Gao: ”Generalized Predictive Control for Superheated Steam Temperature Regulation in a Supercritical Coal Fired Power Plant” CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems - submitted
  • M Draganescu, J Wojcik, J Wang, S Guo: ”Power System Frequency Control and Study of Supercritical Coal Fired Power Plant Performance for GB Grid Code Compliance” – submitted
  • M Draganescu, S Guo, J Wojcik, J Wang, Y Xue, Q Gao, X Liu, G Hou: 'Dynamic Matrix Model Predictive Control of the Mill Coal Flow Rate for Improving Dynamic Performance of a Supercritical Coal Fired Power Plant' Proceedings of the 19th Internetional Conference on Automation&Computing, Brunel University, London, UK, 13-14 Sept 2013
  • J Wojcik "Analysis of Transient Phenomena of a Small Hydroelectric Power Station in MATLAB". XI Conference KOWBAN, Polanica Zdroj, Poland, 2004.
  • M Sobierajski, J Wojcik "Stability Analysis of Small Hydroelectric Power Station cooperating with Medium Voltage Distribution Network". V Scientific–Technical Conference: Distributing Power Networks - SIECI 2004, Wroclaw, Poland, 2004.
  • M Sobierajski, J Wojcik "ANALYSIS OF VOLTAGE AND CURRENT MEASURED AT THE MV BUS IN THE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK WITH DISPERSED GENERATION". 7th International Conference Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation, Krakow, 17-19 September 2003.


  • M Sobierajski, M Labuzek, R Lis: Electrical Power Systems Analysis in Matlab. Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw 2007 (co-author of chapter 14 and Matlab program of stability analysis)