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Seminar programme - Fluid Dynamics Research Centre

NOTE: We run a seminar announcement service via email. If you would like to add your email address to our distribution list then please send a quick note to the Engineering Admin Office at the following email address:

Unless indicated otherwise all seminars are on
Wednesdays 4:15 pm, online and sometimes in Lecture Room L5, Physics concourse

Summer Term 2022 - Both online and in a lecture room - Details regarding how to attend/join to follow.

June 29th : Dr David Hosking (Department of Physics, University of Oxford)
Decay of Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence ( Abstract )
Organizer: Santiago Benavides

June 15th : Dr Adam Butler (BP Institute for Multiphase Flow, University of Cambridge)
What Ground Deformation Can Tell Us About Sub-Surface Systems ( Abstract )
Organizer: Thomasina Ball

June 1st : Prof. John Wetttlaufer (Department of Physics, Yale University, New Haven, USA & Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stockholm Sweden)
The Power of Film ( Abstract )
Organizer: Peter J. Thomas

May 11th : Mr Rodolfo Brandao (Department of Mathematics, Imperial College)
Spontaneous dynamics of Leidenfrost drops( Abstract )
Organizer: Radu Cimpeanu

May 4th : Prof Petia M. Vlahovska (McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA)
Active Fluids of Colloidal Quincke-Powered Rotors ( Abstract )
Organizer: James Sprittles

Spring Term 2022 - Both online and in a lecture room - Details regarding how to attend/join to follow.

March 16th : Prof. Bruce Sutherland (Department of Physics & Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada)
Collective Particle Settling with Implications for Microplastic Transport in Estuaries( Abstract )

March 9th : Dr Edward Smith (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Brunel University)
Exploring the Liquid-Vapour Interface with Molecular Fluid Dynamics( Abstract )

February 16th : Dr Thomasina Ball (Mathematics Department, University of Warwick)
Fracture Patterns in Viscoplastic Gravity Currents( Abstract )

February 2nd : Dr Justin Burton (Department of Physics, Emory College of Arts and Sciences, USA)
A Tale of two Leidenfrost Temperatures( Abstract )

Autumn Term 2021 - Both online and in a lecture room - Details regarding how to attend/join to follow.

December 08th : Prof. John Bush (Department of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Hydrodynamic Quantum Analogs( Abstract )
Organizer: Peter J. Thomas

December 01st : Dr. Lionel Hirschberg (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College)
Sound Production due to Essentially-Unsteady and Quasi-Steady Vortex-Nozzle Interaction: with a Focus on Indirect-Combustion Noise Problems ( Abstract )
Organizer: Ed Brambley

November 24th : Prof. Xuehua Zhang (Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta)
Accelerated Chemical Reactions with Surface Nanodroplets ( Abstract )
Organizer: James Sprittles

November 17th , L5, Physics concourse and online: Dr. Thomas Sykes (Oxford Fluids Laboratory, Department of Engineering, University of Oxford)
It’s harder for droplets to splash on small spheres ( Abstract )
Organizer: Radu Cimpeanu

October 20th : Dr. Paul Prentice (James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow)
Shocking Bubbles - Acoustic Cavitation and its Non-linear Emissions( Abstract )
Organizer: Peter J. Thomas

Summer Term 2021 - ONLINE SEMINARS - Details regarding how to attend/join to follow.

June 30rd : Dr. Li Shen (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College)
Bubble Morphogenesis ( Abstract )
Organizer: Radu Cimpeanu

June 23rd : Dr. Patrice Le Gal (Institut de Recherche sur les Phénomènes Hors Equilibre (IRPHE), Aix Marseille Univ., CNRS, Centrale Marseille)
Stratified shear flow instabilities ( Abstract )
Organizer: Peter J. Thomas

June 16rd : Dr. Mathew Moore (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford)
The role of solute diffusion in the early stages of coffee ring formation in a droplet with arbitrary smooth contact set ( Abstract )
Organizer: Radu Cimpeanu

June 9rd : Dr. Ryan Palmer (School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol)
It’s either sink or skim: when solid bodies meet liquid layers ( Abstract )
Organizer: Radu Cimpeanu

June 2rd : Dr Vendra C Madhav Rao (School of Engineering, University of Warwick)
Numerical Modelling of Lithium battery fires ( Abstract )
Organizer: Peter J. Thomas

May 26 rd : Prof. Oliver Jensen (Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester)
Interfacial flows in confined domains: spreading, shaping and sticking ( Abstract )
Organizer: Peter J. Thomas

Spring Term 2021 - ONLINE SEMINARS - Details regarding how to attend/join to follow.

March 3rd : Dr. Maarten Vanierschot (Mechanical Engineering Technology TC, KU Leuven, Belgium)
On the search for coherence in chaotic flow fields: the annular swirling jet ( Abstract )
Organizer: Peter J. Thomas

February 24th : Dr. Andreas Carlson (Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo, Norway)
Film coating and droplet spreading on conical fibers ( Abstract )
Organizer: James Sprittles

February 10th : Prof. Carlo Massimo Casciola (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Universita Di Roma, La Sapienza, Italy)
From Nucleation of Bubbles to Their Inertial Dynamics and Flow Induced Transport ( Abstract )
Organizer: James Sprittles

February 3rd : Dr. Patrice Le Gal (Institut de Recherche sur les Phénomènes Hors Equilibre (IRPHE), Aix Marseille Univ., CNRS, Centrale Marseille)
Some Experiments on Vortices and Waves in Rotating Stratified Flows ( Abstract )
Organizer: Peter J. Thomas

January 27th : Dr. Rob Style (ETH Zurich)
Wetting on Soft Surfaces ( Abstract )
Organizer: James Sprittles

Autumn Term 2020 - ONLINE SEMINARS - Details regarding how to attend/join to follow.

December 9th : Fluid Dynamics Research Centre Xmas Special - Four short talks presented by internal speakers
Virtual drinks / minced pies afterwards (B.Y.O.)

1615-1625: Timothy Sit - Using the WRF Model to validate and improve high resolution weather forecasts around cities
1630-1640: Dr Juan Li - Vortex force/moment maps and their potential applications
1645-1655: Dr Jack Keeler - Stability analysis of dynamic wetting failure
1700-1710: Hanson Bharth - Asymptotic analysis of a cylindrical contact problem
Organizer: James Sprittles

November 25th : TWO SPEAKERS
Marks Legkovskis
(WMG, University of Warwick)
On Convergence of Moments in Uncertainty Quantification of Combustion Simulations ( Abstract ) Organizer: Peter J. Thomas
Michael Negus
(Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford)
High-speed droplet impact onto a spring-supported plate: analysis and simulations ( Abstract ) Organizer: Radu Cimpeanu

November 18th : Dr. Sepideh Khodaparast (School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds)
Complex Fluids and Flows in Cleaning Applications ( Abstract )
Organizer: James Sprittles

November 11th : Dr. Paul J. Atzberger (Department of Mathematics, University of California, Santa Barbara)
Surface Fluctuating Hydrodynamic Methods for Soft Materials involving Fluid-Structure Interactions within Curved Fluid Interfaces ( Abstract )
Organizer: James Sprittles

October 28th : Prof. Laurette Tuckerman (PMMH-CNRS Sorbonne Université)
Turbulent-laminar patterns( Abstract )
Organizer: Peter J. Thomas

October 21th : Prof. Alejandro L. Garcia (Dept. of Physics, San Jose State University, Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering, Berkley Lab)
Five Surprising Results from Direct Simulation Monte Carlo ( Abstract )
Organizer: James Sprittles

October 14th : Prof. Steffen Hardt (Institute for Nano- and Microfluidics, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt)
Cloaking, shielding and hydrodynamic dispersion in Hele-Shaw flows ( Abstract )
Organizer: James Sprittles


May 20th : Dr. Daniel M. Harris (School of Engineering, Brown University, Providence, USA)
Hydrodynamic mechanisms for particle aggregation at fluid interfaces ( Abstract )
Host: Radu C.

May 6th : Dr. Sharon Stephen (School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sydney, Australia)
TBA ( Abstract )

April 29th : Shuji Otomo (School of Engineering University of Edinburgh)
TBA ( Abstract )
Host: Petr D.

Sam Tucker Harvey (School of Engineering University of Warwick)
TBA ( Abstract )

April 22th : Dr. Maarten Vanierschot (Mechanical Engineering Technology TC, KU Leuven, Belgium)
On the search for coherence in chaotic flow fields: the annular swirling jet ( Abstract )

Spring Term 2020

CANCELLED: Prof. Alejandro Garcia (Physics, San Jose State University)
Five Surprising Results from Direct Simulation Monte Carlo ( Abstract )
Host: Duncan L.

March 11th : Dr. Raphael Stuhlmeier (School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, University of Plymouth)
Nonlinear wave interaction for broad-banded, open seas - deterministic and stochastic theory ( Abstract )
Host: Tobias G.

March 4th : Dr. Matt Folley (School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen's University Belfast)
Truth and reconciliation in wave energy - is there any hope? ( Abstract )
Host: Nigel S.

February 26th : Prof. Nicholas Lawson (National Flying Laboratory Centre, Cranfield University)
Advanced fibre sensors for fluid mechanics and airborne measurement ( Abstract )

February 19th : Dr. Nan Gao (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham)
Lateral Adhesion Forces at Liquid-Solid Interfaces ( Abstract )

February 5th : Dr. Megan S. Davies Wykes (Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge)
Effect of temperature on cross-ventilation ( Abstract )

January 29th , ROOM A205a : Prof. Stephen Wilson (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Strathclyde)
Competitive Evaporation of Multiple Droplets ( Abstract )

Autumn Term 2019

December 4th : Dr. Iakovos Tzanakis (Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, Oxford Brookes University)
Ultrasonic Cavitation Processing: from Structural to Functional Materials ( Abstract )

November 20th : Prof. Michael Graham (Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College)
Effects of Turbulent Inflow on Wind and Tidal Stream Rotors ( Abstract )

November 6th : Prof Scott McCue (Queensland University of Technology)
Numerical and analytical studies of Hele-Shaw flows ( Abstract )

October 30th : Dr Leonid Dombrovsky (Joint Institute for High Temperatures (Moscow, Russia))
The use of relatively simple and physically sound approaches to develop computer codes for radiative heat transfer in fires ( Abstract )

October 16th : Dr. Ed Brambley (Department of Mathematics & WMG, University of Warwick)
Nonlinear Acoustics in Brass Instruments ( Abstract )

Summer Term 2019

June 26th : Prof. Vicente Garzo Puertos (Department of Physics, University of Extremadura, Spain)
Granular Mixtures at Moderate Densities. A Kinetic Theory Approach ( Abstract )

June 19th: Dr. Ran Holtzman (Faculty Research Centre in Fluid and Complex Systems, University of Coventry)
Pore-scale origins for nonequilibrium flow in porous media ( Abstract )

June 12th: Dr. Thorsten Moeller (Institute of Fluid Mechanics, Technical University Braunschweig, Germany)
Investigation of the flow over fixed and pitching wings for MAVs ( Abstract )

June 5th: Dr. Elizabeth Follett (Hydro-environmental Research Centre, Cardiff University)
Particle transport in canopy shear flows ( Abstract )

May 15th: Prof. Matevz Dular (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Developments in the Understanding of Cavitation Aggressiveness - to prevent it or to use it, that is the question ( Abstract )

Spring Term 2019

March 13th: Dr. Jim Thomas (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA)
Waves and vortices of the ocean ( Abstract )

March 6th: Dr. Dmitri (Mitya) Pushkin (Mathematics, University of York)
Active capillary waves: can bacteria wrestle with surface tension? ( Abstract )

February 13th: Prof Tom Mullin (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford)
The motion of particles on a thin viscous layer ( Abstract )

January 30th: Prof. Marco Marengo (University of Brighton)
Influence of surface wettability on pool boiling onset ( Abstract )

January 23rd: Prof. Martin A. Bees (Mathematics, University of York)
Bioconvection: progress and problems ( Abstract )

Autumn Term 2018

December 12th: Dr Anirban Guha (Indian Institute of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Kanpur)
Can we estimate ocean’s bathymetry and mean density profile from the free surface?

December 5th: Dr Chunendra K. Sahu (BP Institute, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge)
Dispersion in porous media, plumes and gravity currents ( Abstract )

November 28th: Dr Halim Kusumaatmaja (Department of Physics, Durham University)
Modelling multicomponent fluid flows with the lattice Boltzmann method

SEMINAR POSTPONED UNTIL SPRING 2019 : November 21th: Prof Tom Mullin (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford)
The motion of particles on a thin viscous layer ( Abstract )

November 9th (FRIDAY, 4pm, Zeeman Building, B3.02): Dr Ed Brambley (University of Warwick, Department of Mathematics & WMG)
Modelling of aeroacoustics and metal forming ( Abstract )

November 7th: Dr Pablo Luis Rendon Garrido (Inst. of Appl. Sci. and Tech., Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexcico)
The acoustics of brass wind instruments: trumpets, trombones and conch shells ( Abstract )

October 17th: Dr Abishek Kumar (Applied Mathematics Research Centre, Coventry University)
Stability of stratified fluid in a nearly semicircular pool ( Abstract )

October 10th: Dr Avshalom Manela (Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Technion, Israel)
Effect of Thermal Boundary Conditions at the Microscale: A Means for Flow Generation and Control ( Abstract )

Summer Term 2018

June 27th: Dr. Manish K Tiwari (Mechanical Engineering, University College London)
Fluid mechanics in phase change and liquid impact on nanoengineered surfaces ( Abstract )

June 20th: Dr. Radu Cimpeanu (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford)
How to make a splash: from high speed drop impact to a new methodology for calculating water collection on aircraft surfaces ( Abstract )

June 13th: Dr. Hernan Morales (Philips)
Intra-aneurysmal haemodynamics and endovascular device modelling ( Abstract )

June 6th: Dr. Ignazio Maria Viola (School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh)
Stories of Vortices That Do Not Fly Away ( Abstract )

May 16th: Mr. Scott Morgan (School of Mathematics, Cardiff University)
Stability of Oscillatory Rotating Disk Boundary Layers ( Abstract )

April 25th: Dr. Sergey Kudriakov (Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission, Saclay, France)
Hydrogen Combustion Modelling at Large Scale ( Abstract )

April 11th: !! starts at 14:00 in A401 !! Prof. Marc Parlange (Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University)
Land-Atmosphere Interaction Over Complex Terrain

Spring Term 2018

February 28th: Prof. Robert Kerr (Department of Mathematics & School of Engineering, University of Warwick)
Helicity and enstrophy scaling for Navier-Stokes reconnection ( Abstract )

February 14th: Dr. Lorenzo Botto (School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University of London)
The FIPI Method—Simulating Complex Particle-Laden Fluid Interfaces on a Laptop ( Abstract )

January 31th: Dr. Ben Fynney McMillan (Department of Physics, University of Warwick)
A Nonlinear Approach to Transition in Subcritical Plasmas with Sheared Flow ( Abstract )

January 24th: Dr. Catherine Wilson (School of Engineering, Cardiff University)
“Not Going with the Flow”: How do plants, trees, boulders, bridge pier cables and fish interact with the flow in freshwater and marine systems? ( Abstract )

January 17th: !! Starts at 14:00, and will be in A401 !! Prof. Suzanne Fielding (Department of Physics, Durham University)
Flow Instabilities in Complex Fluids ( Abstract )

Autumn Term 2017

December 6th: !! starts at 15:30 !!Prof. Peter Davidson (Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge)
How do Planets Generate Their Magnetic Fields? ( Abstract )

December 13th: Dr. Suman Chakraborty (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur)
Lateral Migration of a Droplet in a Uniform Electric Field ( Abstract )

November 8th: Prof. Dwight Barkley (Department of Mathematics, University of Warwick)
The route to turbulence ( Abstract )

November 1st: Dr. Jamal Uddin (School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham)
Instability of compound liquid jets falling under gravity ( Abstract )

October 25th: Dr. Ivo Peters (School of Engineering, University of Southampton)
Dynamic shear jamming in dense suspensions ( Abstract )

October 4th: Dr. Anubhav Sinha (School of Engineering, University of Warwick)
Experiments and Numerical Studies of Spray in Crossflow ( Abstract )

Summer Term 2017

June 21st: Peter J. Thomas (University of Warwick)
Sharks, Aeroplanes and the Rotating Disk Boundary Layer ... And a Wee Bit About Dolphins ( Abstract )

May 31st: Daria Frank (DAMTP, University of Cambridge)
Precession of a plume in a rotating environment ( Abstract )

May 24th: Dr Jerome Charmet (WMG, University of Warwick)
Microfluidics at interfaces: sensors integration

May 3rd: Dr. Michael Swift (School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Nottingham)
Phase Transitions in Vibrated Granular Media ( Abstract )

Spring Term 2017

March 15th: Dr. Miad Yazdani (United Technologies Research Center)
Towards Numerical Simulation of Multiscale Thermo-Fluid Systems ( Abstract )

March 8th: Dr. Jeremy Phillips (School of Earth Sciences, Bristol)
Fluid Dynamics of Volcanic Ash Transport ( Abstract )

February 15th: Prof. Daniele Marchisio (Politecnico di Torino, Department of Applied Sciences and Technology)
Multiscale modelling of polydisperse multiphase flows: fluid-fluid dispersions, (soft) polymer systems and particles in porous media ( Abstract )

February 8th: Dr. Mark Blyth (School of Mathematics, University of East Anglia)Solitary waves on a column of ferrofluid ( Abstract )

Feb 1st: Prof. Constantin-C. Coussios and Prof. Eleanor Stride (Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Oxford University)
Therapeutic Applications of Acoustic Cavitation ( Abstract )

January 18th: Prof. Christoph Bruecker (City University, London)
Wake Characteristics of Bluff Bodies and their Relevance for Fluid-Structure Interaction ( Abstract )

Autumn Term 2016

October 26th: Prof. Andrew Hazel (School of Mathematics, Manchester)
Multiple solutions in free surface flows ( Abstract )

November 9th: Dr. Ubaid Ali Qadri (Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College, London)
Gradient-based methods in fluid mechanics: to ignition and beyond ( Abstract )

November 16th: Prof. Manuel Torrilhon (RWTH, Aachen)
Modelling of Non-Equilibrium Gas Flows Based on Moment Equations

November 23th: Prof. GertJan van Heijst (Department of Applied Physics, Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
The Draining Vortex in a Rotating Bathtub

This event will take place in rooms F105 & F106 (near main entrance, Foyer). Prof. van Heijst will present a short talk to precede a wine and snacks reception to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Fluid Dynamics Research Centre at Warwick. GertJan was one of the first seminar speakers in our seminar series twenty years ago and he is now the President of the European Mechanics Society (EUROMECH). When we realized that GertJan's current visit to Warwick coincides with our 20th Anniversary we decided that this would be a nice opportunity to arrange an event around the visit to give us the opportunity to look back and ahead.

December 7th: Prof. Serafim Kalliadasis (Imperial College, London)
From the nano- to the macroscale: bridging scales for the moving contact line problem ( Abstract )

Summer Term 2016

May 4th: Dr Andrew Lawrie (Faculty of Engineering, Bristol)

Rayleigh-Taylor Instability - A Century of Open Questions

May 25th: Prof. Yoshimichi Hagiwara (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Changes in the drag and turbulence of flow over wavy walls, simulating deformed skins of dolphins

June 8th: Prof. Jonathan Reid (School of Chemistry, Bristol)
Dynamics of Picolitre Aerosol Droplets Studied using Single Particle Techniques

June 15th: Dr. Christopher Davies (Mathematics Institute, Cardiff)
Impulsively excited disturbances in non-uniform boundary layers ( Abstract )

June 22th: Dr. Dr Jeremy Phillips (School of Earth Sciences, Bristol)
Fluid Dynamics of Volcanic Ash Transport (SEMINAR POSTPONED) ( Abstract )

Spring Term 2016

January 13th: Prof. Peter Read (Department of Physics, Oxford)
Waves, turbulence and cascades in the laboratory and Jupiter's atmosphere ( Abstract )

January 27th: Prof. Mason Porter (Mathematical Institute, Oxford)
Disordered Granular Chains ( Abstract )

February 3rd: Dr. Yongyun Hwang (Department of Aeronautics, Imperial Colledge),
Self-sustaining process at large scale in wall-bounded turbulence ( Abstract )

February 10th: Dr. Rob Style (Mathematics Institute, Oxford),
How droplets sit and splash on soft surfaces ( Abstract )

February 26th: Dr. James Jewkes (Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science, South Wales)
Turbulent jets: Numerical simulation of impinging jets, and vortex generating jets ( Abstract )

March 7th !! MONDAY, 13:00 !!: Dr. Ed Brambley (Waves & Solids Groups, DAMTP, and Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge)
Modelling Sound Absorption in Aircraft Engines ( Abstract )
Lunch available from 12:30

March 9th: Prof. Christoph Bruecker (City University, London),
Secrets learned from the peregrine falcon diving flight ( Abstract ) Postponed to next term

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