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Structure of turbulent jets and flames. Diagnostics and control

Prof. Dmitry Markovich

Institute of Thermophysics, Sibirean Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

I will report a series of experimental studies on turbulent jets and flames performed using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). The measurements employ different configurations of PIV systems, including time-resolved PIV and state-of-the-art tomographic PIV method. Different types of jet flows were investigated, including round jet and lifted flame, swirling jets and flames, jets spreading in a Hele-Shaw cell.

Measurements of instantaneous velocity fields allowed performing a comprehensive analysis of structure and dynamics of the turbulent flows. The emphasis is put on detection of large-scale coherent structures and global flow instabilities, such as jet meandering, precession of swirling vortex core, etc. For this purpose, statistical tools for analysis of stochastic dynamic systems are used. The aim of experiments is to detect effective ways for passive/active flow control. Some examples of combustion control in partially pre-mixed flames will be shown.