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AIM Lab - Current Projects

Below are some current and recent projects and colaborations.


The Lab is an academic member of the UK Research Centre for NDE (RCNDE), a consortium of six UK Universities and 15 industrial members from around the world. This involves both Core Research, funded via EPSRC, and Targetted Research Programmes such as sub-MHz testing of structures which has been performed with additional funding from industrial partners.


This EPSRC-funded project with Prof Adam Clare at the University of Nottingham works on new types of metamaterials that are being developed to improve ultrasound imaging resolution. These include both channeled materials containing Fabry-Perot resonating elements, and phononic crystals using scattering effects. Research links with Dr Marco Ricci at the University of Perugia, Italy, and Dr John Page at the University of Manitoba, Canada are helping us to advance methods of design and manufacture of these new materials.


We are members of an ITN Training Network, jointly with Prof Steve Dixon in Physics, to investigate the NDT of aircraft structures. This is coordinated by Prof Marco Ricci at the university of Perugia, Italy.


This research, some of which has been performed by a group of 4th yr students at Warwick, is in collaboration with Dr Stephen Hutchins of the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Scince in Norway, and Dr John Head at the University of Salford. It aims to provide more efficient and safe ways in which amputees can access cycling as a recreational activity.