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Semi-rigid connections between steel I-beams and elliptical hollow section columns

Researcher: Majd Khador
Project duration: 2010-2013
Supervisor: Dr Tak-Ming Chan
Funding body: Syrian Ministry of Higher Education


Hot-finished Elliptical Hollow Sections (EHS) have been recently considered for use in tubular construction after it was limited to Square, Rectangular and Circular hollow sections. (EHS) has got this recognition in steel work as it provides different flexural rigidities about the two principal axes, offers high torsional stiffness and gives architects a new option to consider in their designs. Thus, many recent researches have been focusing on developing design guides for elliptical hollow sections and their connections.


The research is going to include both numerical simulations and laboratory experiments. The numerical simulations will be run using a suitable software package like "Abaqus", and their results should be compared with the ones from the experimental work done in the lab. This comparison helps to validate the computational outputs, so that they become reliable especially for models which cannot be tested in the lab.


The objective of this project is to develop the rules required to design an efficient semi-rigid joint that connects a steel I-beam to an elliptical hollow section column and performs partial strength actions under static, dynamic and impact loads.


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