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Hydraulic Ram Pumps: A guide to ram pump water supply systems

T.D. Jeffery, T.H. Thomas, A.V. Smith, P.B. Glover and P.D. Fountain

ITDG Publishing, 1992, ISBN 9781853391729, 144pp

In recent years there has been a revival of interest in the hydraulic ram pump, a renewable energy water-lifting device. "Hydraulic Ram Pumps" aims to introduce the reader to all aspects of ram pumps. It should be useful to technicians and engineers involved in rural water supply, whether they are assessing the suitability of ram pumps, installing a system or contemplating local manufacture. It gives practical guidelines for the installation and operation of water supply systems based on such pumps, as well as describing the operation of the pump and the factors affecting its performance. The reader is taken through the steps involved in designing and installing a complete system, steps that should be applicable to any model of ram pump available. Details of one pump, designed for local manufacture in developing countries, are given along with some notes on ram pump design for those wishing to develop their own models. A number of illustrations are used alongside text in order to make the information useful to a wide range of non-specialist readers. Readers are welcome to photocopy the diagrams and add labels in other languages in order for training purposes.


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