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Research Notes on building materials

The main publications of the DTU are Technical Releases, Working Papers, Externally reviewed publications and Research Notes. Most DTU publications are available here for download and hard copies of Working Papers are available free on request to the DTU. Technical Releases will also be sent free on request but only to addressees in developing countries.

Research Notes are smaller outputs from our research, progress reports of research undertaken by the DTU but as yet incomplete, case study material, and exceptional undergraduate project reports. Often these notes form the basis of fuller Working Paper. This section also contains Stabilised Soil Research Progress Reports (SSRPRs), which cover 'work in progress' by research students in the Development Technology Unit Their primary purpose is internal - a format for recording ideas and data in a way that allows them to be better discussed before their incorporation into theses, DTU Working Papers or external publications. However they also have a secondary purpose, that of facilitating the sharing of our research with other innovators in the field of building with stabilised soil.

Name Description
SSRPR02 How does cement stabilisation work?
SSRPR03 Physical characteristics of soils that encourage SSB breakdown during moisture attack
SSRPR06 Critique of existing papers on dynamic compaction of stabilised soil samples
SSRPR08 Minimising the cement requirement of stabilised soil block walling
Still, 2004 Strength of cementitious mortars: a literature review with special reference to weak mortars in tension
Turner, UGP, 2000 Undergraduate Project Report - Design of Rainwater Storage Tanks for use in Developing Countries
Constantine, UGP, 2001 Undergraduate Project Report - Cracking in Waterproof Mortars
Fernandes, UGP, 2002 Undergraduate Project Report - The Effect of Fines in Sand for the Fabrication and Application of Concrete in Developing Countries
Moeed, UGP, 2002 Undergraduate Project Report - Countering Shrinkage Cracking in Renders