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Case Study 15 - Ferrocement tanks made with mould - UNICEF, India

Case Study 15

A pictorial guide for the construction of a ferrocement Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Thanks to Renu Gera, Projects Officer, WESS ( of UNICEF, Mumbai, India for providing the information included in this Case Study.

The pictorial detail given in this case study covers the technique only. Please contact UNICEF India for further information on to construct this type of tank.

Please click on each intruction or thumbnail to see the relevant picture

Fig 1 Draw a circle where the footings will sit

Fig 2 Dig to a sufficient depth to lay the foundations

Fig 3 Lay the foundation

Fig 4 Erect the mould skeleton

Fig 5 Fix the galvanised iron (GI) sheets to the mould and cover them with two layers of chicken mesh

Fig 6 Add  two further layers of chicken mesh at the bottom of the tank

Fig 7 Plaster from the outside

Fig 8 Remove the mould

Fig 9 Plaster from the inside

Fig 10 Cure the structure by draping wet hessian sacks

Fig 11 Making the cover - start with the reinforcing bars

Fig 12 Plastering the access cover

Fig 13 Plaster the three peices of the cover

Fig 14 Fitting the filter

Fig 15 Filling the filter with filter media

Fig 16 Completed tank