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Research Notes on rainwater harvesting

The main publications of the DTU are Technical Releases, Working Papers, Externally reviewed publications and Research Notes. Most DTU publications are available here for download and hard copies of Working Papers are available free on request to the DTU. Technical Releases will also be sent free on request but only to addressees in developing countries.

Research Notes are smaller outputs from our research, progress reports of research undertaken by the DTU but as yet incomplete, case study material, and exceptional undergraduate project reports. Often these notes form the basis of fuller Working Paper.

Name Description
RN-RWH 01 Very-Low-Cost Domestic Roofwater HarvestingSystems: Social and Gender Analysis
RN-RWH 02 Social and Gender Analysis: Findings from the Inception Phase
RN-RWH 03 Rainwater Jar Programme in North East Thailand
RN-RWH 04 About the the rainwater tank performance calculator
RN-RWH 05 Domestic Water Supply using Runoff from the Roofs of Institutional Buildings
Still, 2004 Strength of cementitious mortars: a literature review with special reference to weak mortars in tension
Case Study 1 The Sri Lankan Pumpkin Tank
Case Study 2 Underground Brick Dome Tank - Sri Lanka
Case Study 3 3.0 cubic metre Brick Built Storage Tank, Sri Lanka
Case Study 4 10,000 litre Partially Below Ground Tank, Sri Lanka
Case Study 5 10 cubic metre ferrocement tank, Nagercoil, India
Case Study 6 Underground rainwater storage cistern - 4 to 10 cubic metres, Uganda
Case Study 7 10 cubic metre ferrocement water tank using former
Case Study 8 Factory made tanks, 1 to 25m cubic metre capacity, New Zealand
Case Study 9 RWH in the barrios of Tegucigalpa
Case Study 10 Cement mortar jar, 1.0 cubic metre capacity
Case Study 11 Twelve cubic metre ferrocement water tank, Thailand
Case Study 12 Twelve and 14 cubic metre brick water tanks, Thailand
Case Study 13 The Green Shop RWH systems, UK
Case Study 14 Rainwater Harvesting in Cambodia - small storage capacity jars and tanks
Case Study 15 Ferrocement tanks made with mould - UNICEF, India
Case Study 16 Experimental Stabilised soil block tanks in Kampala, Uganda
Case Study 19 Plastic lined bamboo tanks in India - 1,500 - 23,000 litre capacity
Case Study 20 6000 litre Tarpaulin-lined Tank from Southern Uganda - ACORD from 1997
Constantine, UGP, 2001 Undergraduate Project Report - Cracking in Waterproof Mortars
Still, UGP, 2001 Undergraduate Project Report - Flow in Gutters & Downpipes
Whitehead, UGP, 2001 Undergraduate Project Report - Development and Selection of Low Cost Handpumps for Domestic Rainwater Water Tanks in E. Africa
Manson, UGP, 2000 Undergraduate Project Report - Reducing Mixing Effects In Water Storage Tanks
Turner, UGP, 2000 Undergraduate Project Report - Design of Rainwater Storage Tanks for use in Developing Countries