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Technical Release: TR-RWH 10 - Rain-Jar Handbook: Production and Use of Mortar Rainwater Jars (2006)

This Handbook was written with special reference to Uganda, whose climate is favourable to roofwater harvesting. It is based on 2-years immediate research in Uganda and several years Ugandan experience of jar production (however general Ugandan DRWH practice is based on other, and more expensive, forms of water storage). Unreinforced mortar jars are sometimes called ‘Thai Jars’ as they have been extensively used in Khon Kaen Province of Thailand since 1985 and are also common in Cambodia and Vietnam. In these countries, concrete rather than wooden moulds (as described below) are preferred: however trials of three type of mould when making 8 jars in Mbarara in 2005 indicated that wooden moulds are easier to use.


Full document (27pp, 360kb) (PDF Document)

jar under construction