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DTU Working Paper: WP44 - The Potential of Cement-Stabilised Building Blocks as an Urban Building Material in Developing Countries

D.E.Gooding & T.H. Thomas (1995)

This Paper examines the level of technical achievement in production and the level of social acceptance of cement-stabilised building blocks (alias soil-cement) currently displayed in 9 developing countries surveyed in early 1995. The survey established that these blocks are currently in common use and are likely to be more widely used in the future. Several technical problems or deficiencies were however identified across the whole area visited, as were new developments pertinent to the advancement of this building technology. These deficiencies and developments are analysed and used to define the research, design and training needed to significantly improve the effectiveness of cement-stabilised blocks as a low-cost walling material in urban areas of developing countries.

(PDF Document) Full Document: (22pp, 150kb)