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Contamination into Beaches

The overall aims of this proposed research are to improve the understanding and descriptions of key coastal processes in the nearshore region, with particular emphasis on those exchange processes influencing contamination into beaches. The applicants previous experimental investigations showed that the depth-varying forward transport under waves was a significant contributory factor to the on-off shore dispersion coefficient (Pearson et al. 2002, 2009) within the water column. In the case of contamination into beach material it is by no means clear how the mass transport and associated bed exchange mechanisms will be developed under the influence of wave activity. This project will utilise the research grade 2D wave flume in the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick utilising the vast array of scientific measurement equipment already available at Warwick. New knowledge of hydrodynamic and exchange processes will be obtained through interpretation of unique velocity and tracer measurements.

For more information please contact Dr Jonathan Pearson.