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University of Ulster

Prof. N. Hewitt

(Vice President Commission B2 Refrigerating Machinery International Institute of Refrigeration)

He leads the Centre for Sustainable Technologies and has a strong international reputation in heat pump development.

He is responsible for £4.2M of current energy research projects in the development of new heat pumps, advanced energy storage techniques and their subsequent integration into the built environment:

Consumer-Appealing Low Energy Technologies for Building Retrofit EPSRC £272,482, 2008-2012

Digital Compressor Heat Pump Development, DEL CAST & Copeland Ltd, £70,000 2008-2011

Energy Storage, DEL, £1.6M, 2008-2011

NPP OCTES 2011-2013, £125k smart metering project

NPP SULA 20120-2014 £125k service provision for heat pump controls

CESAR 2011-2013 FP7 355 k € solar absorption air conditioning

EINSTEIN 2011-2015 FP7 500 k € high temperature heat pumps

MERITS 2012-2014 FP7 250 k € energy storage

Dr M. Huang

She is a lecturer in Renewable Energy also has research interests in heat pumps and thermal energy storage and is the UK representative on COST Action TU 0802 which intends to design, develop, characterise and simulate a new generation modified hybrid phase change materials for use in energy storage for heating, cooling and renewable energy applications.