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Research Strategy

  • We will maintain and enhance our unified structure by building interdisciplinary research teams to address major global issues.
  • We work closely with partner departments on multi-disciplinary research and our innovative undergraduate courses.
  • We are actively working with industry in many joint collaborative programmes and we aim to grow our relationships across the school. Our Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) has been introduced to give guidance from an industrial prospective, and to ensure impact of our research.
  • We strive to be internationally leading in all aspects of our engineering research portfolio: Electrical and Electronic; Mechanical and Process; Civil and Environmental; and Systems and Information.
  • We will continue to invest in the physical research environment and community, to further enable multi-disciplinarity to address significant global challenges: Energy, Biomedical Engineering and Sustainable Cities.
  • We will work with industry and partner organisations to conduct enquiry-driven, fundamental and pioneering research.
  • We will provide high-quality research facilities to support the work of our staff and students.
  • We will exploit pathways that lead to significant impact to make the world a better place.