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Meeting Minutes 15/11/11


Dominic has been trying to make the surface of his model more rough, however he hasn’t managed to find an easy way of doing this on solidworks.

Dr Chung mentioned that Adrian should use pressure boundaries in his future simulations

Dr. Chung recommended that Dominic extended the inlet boundary conditions of his model to outside the mouth to make it more realisitic.

Dr. Chung suggested using prism layers at the beginning of Adrian’s 3D model

Dominic needs to use prism layers for his whole model. He is at the moment using laminar flow and this could be changed to turbulent.

Laura has been ill, but has done a simulation of subject 54. She has had some difficulties in trying to visualise all of the results of her particle simulation.


Charlie has been creating the algorithm with a detailed flow chart that goes through the process step by step. The equations, external algorithms and constants are recorded.

Dr. Chung received the lung volume data from Airprom, we need to go through this with him to see what this data is describing

Dr. Chung said that it may be fine to start off with growing the algorithm into the entire lung.

Dr Chung also said that the meshing of the bifurcations may not be needed, as it is just a visualisation.

Therefore it may be easier to simply describe the 1D model as pipes.

Daniel is still looking into the friction equations for 1D pipe flow. The excel sheet is working however.

After the meeting the 1D team met up with Dr. Chung again to go over their individual areas of work.