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How to use the blog!!!

Try and keep this general blog as up to date as possible, it would be really great if after you have done even a small ammount of work you keep us all updated so we know where we all stand, and we can quickly find notes etc on what exactly you were doing.

1) Click Create New News Item

2)Insert a Title, (Try to avoid using images as it will make it allot easier to view if we dont)

3) Insert an abstract, just keep it a couple of lines long ie name and title of the paper you have read.

4)Detail, ok here include any more detail, as much as you can really. It wont be visable in the actual blog itself but what you should do is click on the "Create a new web page with this detail" button below and then it will create a new page with whatever you put in here.

So if you have just read a paper include a link to it, and a summary of the paper obv you wont always read an entire paper but say that in here

4) Finall the tags

Your individual blogs will take a feed from this one so all you need to do is insert your personal tags below so the same blog entry will be available on yours too.







5) Click Create item


Simples. You can also edit the news items later so dont worry if you only read half a paper etc.