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Simulation, PIV and other Animations

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The links on the left hand side of the page named "Simulation 1.1" etc, are all animations of the simulations that have been run during the course of the project. Simulations 2.6 and 2.12 are particularly interesting as they show other types of plots than the velocity vector plots which the majority of the simulations used for animations.


These videos were created using PIV techniques. Fans were all switched off for PIV analysis as PIV was unable to analyse the faster flow due to the action of the fans.

These files are extremely large. Viewing on campus is recommended.

(Video clip) Close-up Inlet Particles

(Video clip) Close-up Inlet Velocity Vector

(Video clip) Fullscreen Inlet Particle

(Video clip) Fullscreen Outlet Particle

(Video clip) Fullscreen Outlet Velocity Vector