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This tutorial is designed to show you how to upload your timetable onto your personal space for supervisor use.


1. First enter the members area through this link.

2. Find your personal space on the right hand panel of the screen. Eg:

 Pic 1


3. Find on the upper right hand corner of the screen the "edit" link and select "Edit centre content" as show below:

 Pic 2








4. You will be presented with the edit screen which allows you to add what you wish. First you must upload your timetable, so open a new window and find your own personal timetable by following this link. Here you must select the academic term you wish upload on the right had options.

 Pic 3

5. A new page will open. If you are using Internet Explorer (or Mozilla Firefox) you now need to press F11 on your keyboard.

6. Select "My Timetable" on the left hand panel.

7. Click on "Full Screen".

8. Whilst holding "Ctrl" on your keyboard, use the scroll wheel on your mouse to increase/decrease the font size so that the entire timetable and other relevant information is viewable. An alternative procedure is use the "Ctrl" and the "+" or "-" signs to the same effect.

9. Once the timetable is fully visible, press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. This action will create an image that will go straight to your computer's temporary clipboard.

10. You must now open paint (or another image editing software) and paste the image (this can be achieved through edit which is found on the toolbar or by doing "Ctrl"+"v").

11. Now you must remove the excessive information on the image by using the selection button (found on the left pane) and click save (File -> Save As).

12. The Save As menu allows you to set the image type; set this to JPEG. Then save the file somewhere on your computer.

13. Once you have saved your timetable on your computer, simply click on the members page that should still be opened (or repeat steps 1 to 3). Your screen should contain the following. Type what you will, and place the cursor (the pulsating bar --> |) where you wish to place the timetable (or any other image).


Pic 4

14. Click the Pic 5 icon to upload an image. The following will appear.

 Pic 6

15. You must click the "Your computer" tab (circled above).

16. Enter an image description (marked by a red dot) and browse for the timetable (marked by a red dot) you saved on your computer. You may now click insert and the file will be uploaded to your personal web page.

 Pic 7

17. You may now continue to write both above and below the image (timetable) you have just uploaded.


By Enric Oyekanmi Brugat