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This page will provide information to the project stakeholders, on my timetable for completing the work.


Term 1


Wk 1- 4

Complete Preliminary Literature Review

Find out what areas of the project I should focus on

Wk 3

Complete Project Plan

Wk 4

Begin familiarisation with Solid Works

Contact companies regarding collaboration

Wk 5

Complete design plans

Wk 6

Complete proposal to Aston Martin Racing

Wk 7

Continue with design work

Wk 8

Create website page

Wk 9

Have a basic CAD model complete that can be used in CCM+

Wk 10-12

Begin learning how to use CCM+

Wk 12- 15 

Have complete Solid Works model and a firm understanding of CCM+


Term 2


Wk 16-18

Complete work on model and aerofoil design

Wk 19-24


Complete litereture reading

Wk 20-25

Begin familiarisation with Star CCM+

Wk 25-30

Complete 'Trial' simulations to determin optimum parameter settings

Complete Progress Report


Term 3

Wk 25-31

Complete Presentation

Wk 36-40

Complete investigative simulations