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Progress Report

mosler 9

This page is simply a brief summary of what appears in my Project log book, and gives details of the stages I have reached and what is occuring with the project

10th October 2007 -

  • Project identified
  • Contact made with Eclipse Motorsport

15th October 2007 -

  • Project plan put together with main aims and title

20th October 2007 -

  • First contact made with Mosler Auto in USA, with very positive response


7th November 2007 -

  • In talks with mosler, and it has been decided that I will be granted access to the full CAD models of the MT900
  • Recieve Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement

10th November 2007 -

  • Completion of Confidentiality agreement and access granted to CAD

11th Novemeber 2007 -

  • CAD Models of MT900 recieved but these are only first design models, complete models to follow
  • Time spent trying to make sense of model

December 2007 -


January 2008 -


15th February 2008 -

  • Research into Race car Aerodynamics is now in full flow
  • To back up theoretical knowledge, I am also researching Low Speed Flows (Joeseph Katz)
  • Model I still being worked on to get it to a stage suitable for CFD

18th Febuary 2008 -

  • Creation and restructure of webpage
  • Model now in working order and ready for final checks before being ran in CCM+