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eCFD Lab Seminar 2007/2008

CFD Research Group Post-Graduate Seminar

  • This seminar series will be running through term 2 of the 2007/2008 academic year. Each seminar will be split into two sections the first being a study seminar where a member of the research group will provide a lesson on a fundamental topic of CFD turbulence research (links to the lecture notes are provided in the table below). The second section of the seminar will be on the research that the group is undertaken, with one member of the group providing a detailed presentation on the work they have undertaken over the last few months, while other members provide small presentations on areas of interest they have reviewed over the last few weeks.
  • Presentations will normally take place in PS017a although occasionally they may take place in A206a.
    • PS017a can be found by walking to the top of the bridge over the Library Road at the front enterance of the main library, and following the signposts for physics, which will direct you down a long corridor (Physics Concourse). At the very end of the Physics Concourse, go through the double doors to the right and down the concourse, through another set of doors and down the set of stairs (signposted CSC), PS017a is the first room on the right at the bottom of the stairs.
    • A206a can be located by again walking to the top of the bridge in front of the library and going through the doors at the opposite end to the library and taking an immeadiate right (signposted Engineering), A206a is the first room on right after going though the first door.

SEMINAR Schedule


Week Study Seminar
Research Seminar
15 - Dana - Flow Control
Talha - Channel Flow LES Simulations
16 Talha - Governing Equations I (Basic)
Rana - Research Topic
SALVIO- Turbulence Modelling
17 Michal - Non-dimensionlization of the governing equations
Rana - Library resources
18 Dana - Turbulence 1 - Basics, Turbulent Boundary layers &
Michal - Latex 1

19 - 7/02/07

Rana - Turbulence II   
20 Thomas - Statistics for Fluid Dynamics  
21 Talha - Boundary Conditons  
22 Michal - Turbulence III - Wall bounded flow  
23 Dana - Turbulence I  
24 Rana - Compressible Flow  




31 -
 Dana - Helmholtz Resonators

Thomas - Finite Difference Scheme

Azimi -

33  Dana - choi, moin 94 paper  
Tariq - Turbulent Boundary layers
Dana - Turb stats

Topics to be covered
  • Aero-Acoustics - Rana
  • Governing Equations (Compressible flow)
  • Direct Numerical Simulations of Fully Turbulent Flow
  • Finite Difference Method
  • Finite Volume Methods
  • Multigrid Method
  • Compact Schemes - Thomas
  • Poisson Solvers
  • Fast Fourier Transforms
  • Fortran90/HPC facilities