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Multicultural Scholars' Programme in Engineering

msp quotesThis programme was introduced at Warwick in 2005, created through philanthropic support to help law students whose families have their origins in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Africa and the Caribbean. Following its success in the Warwick Law School the scheme has rolled out to the Warwick Business School and, in 2015, the School of Engineering.

Scholars admitted to the programme receive a tailored package of support:

  • Financial assistance of £2,000 per year for the duration of the course (find out more on the Student Funding website)
  • Support and advice from a tutor
  • Mentoring
  • Opportunities for work placement in engineering
  • Support for relevant experiences, such as international study or projects

There has been much in the news recently about the impending shortage of engineers within the UK and the need to significantly increase graduate numbers. One of the contributing factors to the existing problem is the under-representation of certain groups within the engineering community* - the MSP funding at Warwick is one of our efforts to try and redress this imbalance. The MSP provides for individually tailored programmes designed to give students the best possible foundation for solving future challenges for society through engineering innovation.

For more information please see the Student Funding website.

*According to data provided in the EngineeringUK 2015 State of Engineering Report: 71.4% of white employed engineering graduates go into an engineering occupation. The equivalent figures for Asian or Asian British (Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi) graduates is 56.6% and for black or black British (Caribbean, African and other) graduates is just 51.8%.

[quotes in graphic are taken from non-engineering MSP participants]