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Shannon Horrigan


I am currently a final year PhD student as part of the University of Warwick's MASDOC Doctoral Training Programme. My research is in the area of Statistical Mechanics. I am currently working with Dr. Stefan Adams on a class of continuum models in two dimensions known as Delaunay Potts models. We are investigating whether such models exhibit a phase transition.

Publications and Preprints:

[1] S. Adams and S. Horrigan, "Phase transition for Gibbs Delaunay Tessellations with geometric hardcore conditions", preprint, arXiv:2104.05108.

[2] S. Horrigan, "Continuum Random Cluster and Potts models with Delaunay interactions," PhD Thesis. (Here is the current draft, minor revisions are still to be made)

  • PhD in Mathematics, University of Warwick, 2017-present. Funded by the EPSRC.

Thesis: "Continuum Random Cluster and Potts models with Delaunay interactions."

  • Master in Mathematics and Statistics (Msc), University of Warwick, 2016-2017. Funded by the EPSRC.

Dissertation: "Phase transitions in Delaunay Potts models on \mathbb{R}^2 with tile interactions."

  • Master in Mathematics (Mmath), University of Warwick, 2012-2016.

Dissertation: "Finding flat structures for pseudo-Anosov maps."

  • Research project funded by Warwick's Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS): "Interval Exchange Maps and Rauzy Diagrams", Summer 2015.

2016-present: Supervisor for first year undergraduate students.

Presentations given:

May 2019: "Infinite Volume Continuum Random Cluster Model," MASDOC retreat.

May 2018: "Phase transitions in Delaunay Potts Models," Warwick postgraduate seminar.

May 2018: "Delaunay Potts Models in Statistical Mechanics," MASDOC retreat.

April 2018: "Continuum Potts Models in Statistical Mechanics," Oxford Joint CDT Colloquium.

June 2017: "Collective motion", with Zak Lawrence and Luke Hatcher at the MASDOC retreat.

Conferences Attended:

Nordic Probabilistic AI School, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, June 2019.

Interplay of Probability, Statistics and Analysis, University of Warwick, April 2019.

Oxford Joint CDT Colloquium, University of Oxford, April 2018.

Trends in Mathematical Crystallisation, University of Warwick, May 2016.

Contact details:

Email: S'dot'P'dot'Horrigan'at'warwick'dot'ac'dot'uk.