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Anvarbek Atayev


Hello, my name is Anvar and I am PhD student at the University of Warwick. My PhD is being supervised by Dr. Florian Theil and Dr. Thomas Hudson, and I am currently studying the energies of small angle grain boundaries under a fully discrete dislocation model.

Academic History:
  • 2019 - Present: PhD, Mathematics & Statistics, MASDOC, University of Warwick
    • Thesis Topic: Discrete Dislocations and Grain Boundaries
    • Supervisor: Dr. Florian Theil
  • 2018 - 2019: MSc, Mathematics & Statistics, MASDOC, University of Warwick
    • Thesis: On Discrete Dislocations & the Development of an Integral Representation for the Elastic Energy in the Continuum Limit
    • Supervisor: Dr. Florian Theil
  • 2014 - 2018: MMath, Mathematics, University of Bath
    • Thesis: Equilibrium Measures for Nonlocal and Anisotropic Logarithmic Energies
    • Supervisor: Dr. Lucia Scardia
  • Summer 2017: Undergraduate Research Internship, University of Bath
    • Project: On the continuation of 'Outline of the development of the Daisy' - Turing
    • Supervisor: Prof. Jonathan Dawes
  • Summer 2016: Undergraduate Research Internship, University of Bath
    • Project: Thermal Convection in Non-Newtonian Fluids
    • Supervisor: Prof. Jonathan Dawes
Research Interests:

My research interests include: dislocation dynamics, crystalline defects, elasticity theory, calculus of variations, mathematical physics and material science.

Industrial Research Activity:

Determining the Conductance of Networks Created by Randomly Dispersed Cylinders - April 2021

Authors: S. Appella, A. Atayev, O. G. Bond, B. Collins, M. Dablander, N. Fadeev, A. A. Lacey, P. Morawiecki, D. Polvara, E. Powell, L. Quintavalle, E. Wilson, and Y. Zhou.

Description: Report for Peratech as part of the 165th European Study Group with Industry.

Improving the Resolution of 3D Microscopy Images - March 2021

Authors: A. Atayev, D. Dalton, C. Feller, D. Mckinnell, N. Shkeir, B. Toader, F. Vigano

Description: Report as part of the Graduate Modelling Camp at the University of Cambridge.

Escape the Sensors - January 2021

Authors: A. Atayev, C. Delaosa, J. Beasley, J. Fliege, K. Langfeld, B. Lionheart, W. Liles, H. Alawiye, J. Fowkes.

Description: Report for DSTL and PA Consulting as part of the Challenges in the Electromagnetic Environment group.

Measuring the Effect of Position Uncertainty in Swarms of Drones - July 2020

Authors: D. Allwright, A.Atayev, A. Bovo, N. Desai, M. Edwards, J. Field, T. Gorbe, J. Harris, K. Langfeld, D. Lesnic, S. S. Supadi

Description: Report for DSTL as part of the 162nd European Study Group with Industry.

Workshops, Conferences & Summer Schools
  • 165th European Study Group with Industry (ESGI), University of Durham - April 2021
  • Graduate Modelling Camp, University of Cambridge, Newton Gateway to Mathematics - March 2021
  • Winterschool on Analysis and Applied Mathematics, University of Munster - February 2021
  • 3rd Mathematical Study Group For Electromagnetic Challenges, University of Cambridge, Issac Newton Institute - January 2021
  • 162nd European Study Group in Industry (ESGI), University of Leeds - July 2020
  • 6th Applied Mathematics Symposium, University of Munster - Sep 2019
  • MASDOC Annual Retreat, Borth - May 2019
  • SAMBa Conference, University of Bath - June 2018
  • SciCADE International Conference, University of Bath - Sep 2017
  • LMS Prospects in Mathematics Workship, University of Reading - Sep 2017
  • LMS Summer School, University of Kent - June 2016

Talks, Poster Presentations & Blog Posts
  • Talk: Dislocations and Grain Boundaries, SPAAM Seminar Series - Oct 2020
  • Talk: LDP for Purely Laplacian Models, MASDOC Retreat - May 2019
  • Poster: LDP for Purely Laplacian Models, MASDOC Retreat - May 2019
  • Talk: Pattern Formation in Fluids, University of Bath - Nov 2017
  • Poster: Pattern Formation in Non-Newtonian Fluids, SciCADE, University of Bath - Sep 2017
  • Blog: Endorsement of IMI Undergraduate Research Internship - Sep 2017

  • University of Warwick, Teaching Assistant (2019-2021)
  • University of Warwick, Supervisor (2019-2020)
    • Four supervision groups for 2nd year Mathematics students
  • University of Bath, Teaching Assistant (2016-2018)
    • Analysis 1A - Introduction to Analysis I
    • Analysis 1B - Introduction to Analysis II
    • Algebra 1A - Abstract Algebra & Groups
    • Algebra 1B - Linear Algebra
  • University of Bath, Mathematics & Statistics Drop-in Tutor, Senior (2017-2018)
  • University of Bath, Mathematics & Statistics Drop-in Tutor (2016-2017)

Other Responsibilities
  • I am currently the Vice-President of the SIAM-IMA Warwick Student Chapter. Find out more about us and our activities here.

Profile Picture

Email: Anvar.Atayev(at)

Office: B0.24