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Owen Daniel's Homepage

Welcome to my homepage.

I am a postgraduate student at the University of Warwick where I am supervised by Stefan Adams. My interests are primarily in statistical mechanics and probability. In particular I am interested in probabilistic representations of Bose-Einstein condensation.

I am a keen proponent of the popularising of mathematics, with disillusioned students of the subject, and the public alike! Should you wish to read some of my opinions on this matter they can be found in this essay I wrote for the Warwick Knowledge Exchange. Alternatively, should you be rather more visually inspired, and have some extra time to hand, you may like this talk which was a part of TEDx Warwick 2011. In 2013 I was a part of a group representing Warwick University at The Big Bang West Midlands.

In the last year or so I have taken part in several events aimed at teaching mathematics using creative and open space learning methods. These have included talking at How Does A Theorem Act, and the Warwick Teaching And Learning Showcase. I was also a part of a team lead by Dave Wood and Jonathan Herron that explored the use of open space learning techniques for studying undergraduate algebra. In 2013 I was awarded a commendation in the WATE PGR teaching awards.

Should you wish to find me: listen for the person talking too loudly in the maths department, or look out for the person in a flamboyant shirt and colourful shoes (its not without reason that I have gone by the title, 'the Laurence Llewelyn Bowen' of the maths world). Alternatively drop in to D1.08 in the Warwick Maths Institute.

I recommend the following link for anybody who is a fan of either fonts or llamas:


If you want to contact me, you can do so via:

owen.daniel 'at'


Myself with a Peruvian acquintance

Ising_videoOne cold weekend, having spent the entire day preparing Spanish tapas dishes, I decided to simulate the 2-D Ising model... The tapas no longer remains, but the simulation lives on...