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Harry Sapranidis Mantelos

I am a second-year graduate student in the Mathematics CDT under the supervision of Roger TribeLink opens in a new window and Oleg ZaboronskiLink opens in a new window.

Prior to this, I completed an MMathStat (Master of Mathematics and Statistics) from the University of Warwick, my masters dissertation being on Limit Order Book (abbr. LOB) modelling and more specifically, on the ergodicity of the zero-intelligence Markovian model, under the supervision of Vassili KolokoltsovLink opens in a new window.

Research Interests

Probability and its applications. More precisely, determinantal point processes (randomly arranged points whose distribution is characterized via determinants), interacting particle systems and Pfaffian point processes.


Various Writings/Notes

Slides from talks


  • Winter ’23: Supervisor for a group of 1st year undergraduates (Linear Algebra, Analysis II)
  • Autumn ’22: TA for MA244 Analysis III

Events/Conferences attended

Probability, Analysis and Dynamics 2022, University of Bristol, April 2022