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Induction Events

If you are new to Warwick you may find this link to a plan of the Maths building useful to find your way to the Induction events-

Building plan

Friday 28 September
B3.02 Registration and Induction. This is a compulsory event so please make sure you attend.

11.00-11.15 Registration. Coffee provided. Maths Common Room

11.15 Welcome by Philip Herbert & Steve Cantrell

11.20-11.35 Talks by current students.

11.35-11.50 breakout session to chat informally to current students.

11.50-12.00 Library & PG Hub

12.00 -12.05 Introduction to PG Seminar

12.10-12.15 Introduction to Maths SGSLC & MASDOC SGSLC

12.15-12.30 Students' Union

12.30-1.15 Sandwich lunch, Maths Common Room

1.20-1.55 Introductory talks -

  • B3.02 Professor Dwight Barkley, Director of Graduate Studies on PhD Maths.
  • B3.01 Professor Gavin Brown on behalf of the Director of MSc Studies on MSc Maths and MIR@W.
  • A1.01 Dr Stefan Adams, Director of MASt (Year 4)
  • MASDOC students are free until 2.00, please rejoin the events then

All students return to B3.02.

2.00-2.10 .

2.10-3.00 Treasure Hunt -organised by current PhD students. Rewarded by-

3.00-3.30 Drinks and cakes in the Undergraduate Workroom.

3.30 ITS Induction Session A0.02 (there will be another session on Thursday 5 October at 12.30. You must attend one of the sessions but the room will not accommodate you all so please be flexible about which session you attend)

3.30 Research Student Skills Programme for PhD students B3.02.

Monday 1 October
First day of term (no Maths lectures today)
MASt students should arrange a time to meet Dr Adams today

11.00-12.00 & 14.00-15.30 Collect desk keys (£10 refundable deposit required for the desk key in a named envelope please for Maths PhD and MASDOC students) from the Postgraduate Office B0.08.

Options Fair 16.00-17.00 MS.02 Talks on MA4** modules. (Please note that the buffet afterwards is for undergraduate students only!)

Tuesday 2 October
Maths lectures start today.

1pm Maths Common Room Welcome Lunch.

A welcome lunch for all new postgraduates.

Wednesday 3 October
Supervision training session

Training for Supervisors, compulsory for new supervisors.

Thursday 4 October
12.30 A0.02 IT Services Computing Induction session (compulsory for people who did not attend the session on Friday 29th September)

Wednesday 10 October

Training for TAs (support classes), not compulsory but strongly advised if they may do support classes during the year.

1pm. Departmental photo (staff and postgraduate students) outside the main entrance- please attend as the Head of Department likes a good turn- out of PG students.