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Library Guide


Welcome to the Maths Institute. As a postgrad student, you will have access to your own library, located next to the Common Room in the Zeeman Building. Please come and have a look at the library and all the books and journals available to you, either in hard copy or electronically. The library is a peaceful place to study and I would encourage you to make use of this resource. There are a few rules, but nothing too draconian. These are:-

  • Books may be borrowed for a period of 4 weeks before being returned or renewed.
  • Books cannot be taken home. They need to stay within the offices of the Maths Institute so as to be easily seen by others who may wish to consult them.
  • Please do not pass on your books to each other informally : I need to keep track of them! A quick call to the library in person , or via e mail ( or by telephone (ext 23870/22687) is all it takes to swap the borrower’s name over.
  • Journals are for reference only. There is a photocopier in the library.

Good luck with your studies, I hope to see you in the library!

Best wishes,


Karen McKinley, Maths Institute Librarian
Image of Library