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Postgraduate Researcher Induction


These events will take place on the following dates:

  • Friday 8th October (week 1)
  • Friday 22nd October (week 3)

The venue is the Westwood Teaching Centre on the Westwood campus; the programme will start at 9.30am on each day for registration and refreshments, and finish by 4pm.

The events are being held by the Centre for Student Careers & Skills, as part of the Postgraduate Research Student Skills Programme. They will be part of the new skills programme which is starting in October 2010. Other events to support and contribute to this skills programme are Cafe Scientifique and the Poster Competition. More information can be found at

Key parts of the events are a welcome and introduction to the work of the Graduate School, information on professional development, taster breakout sessions of what skills resources are available to students during their studies, and perspectives from current research students.

New students are required to book their place to attend; we are limited to 200 on each day. Bookings will be open from Saturday 2nd October through the PG Skills website, students will need to have created an IT services account and enrolled to enable them to book a place using this system. Bookings will close for each event on the day before.

The Induction events will both cover the same content, therefore students should attend one day only, and stay for the duration of the day.

These Induction events are in addition to information available to you if you choose to attend the Arrivals Exhibition on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd October in the Rootes Building on central campus.

If you have any questions, please contact either 024 7657 5881, or Nathalie

Draft Programme(Word Document)

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