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Master of Advanced Study in Mathematical Sciences (MASt)

This full-time nine-month Master’s course provides the opportunity to study a wide range of topics from advanced mathematics, statistics, and physics, leading to the Master of Advanced Study (MASt) qualification.

Students already at Warwick for their undergraduate degree undertake a similar programme of study for the final year of the MMath qualification.

The Master of Advanced Study and the related MMath course are taught by academics with a strong interest in the modules that they lecture and the projects that they supervise. The course is therefore both challenging and rewarding and expected to produce highly-qualified graduates. For example, existing MMath graduates are highly sought after with many continuing to academia or business, commerce, and industry.

Course Information

The Master of Advanced Study course runs from October to June each academic year. It is a master's level course leading to the same qualification as that awarded to external students taking the Cambridge "Part III" mathematics course. The choice of modules is broad, combining some high-level modules offered by the Statistics and Physics departments with those provided by the Mathematics department itself.

The taught element of the course comprises 6 modules (15 credits each, 30 hours of lectures) which can be taken from a wide range of options. These should be fourth-year modules (MA4 or equivalent), although where a good academic case can be made students may take up to two third-year modules, with the permission of the course director. Students are also required to do a research project (30 credits) worth 25% of the final mark.

All of our fourth-year maths modules (codes MA4**) are available for MASt students. Many of the Physics options shown at the bottom of the page (Year 4 MMathPhys) in addition to many of the Statistics options are also available.

Please note that these links will generally show the current year's modules only and a few of these may change for the coming year. If there are any modules that you are particularly interested in taking please contact the Director of MASt (see the link to the right).

The list of modules available for 2016/17 can be found here. Further information can be found under MASt Course Information and Award of Degrees.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the MASt and the MSc?

Both are postgraduate qualifications at the master's level.

The MASt course runs from October to June and incorporates a research project as 25% of the final mark. The MSc runs for the whole academic year and incorporates a longer dissertation that counts as 50% of the final mark.

One advantage of the MASt course is that results are available by early July, so any conditional offers of further study can be taken up well in advance of the beginning of the University year in September/October.

I just completed the Warwick three-year BSc and did much better than I expected. Can I apply for the MASt course?

Yes. You should contact the department's postgraduate coordinator as soon as possible.

Entrance requirements

This is a high-level course aimed at those with a first class degree (or equivalent performance) in a subject with a high mathematical content.

If you are considering making an application please bear in mind that the material in this course is designed to be challenging. It stretches our best undergraduate students, who have taken the first three years of our demanding MMath degree. If you do not have the necessary mathematical background the demands of the MASt course are such that there will be little time to catch up.

For a good indication of the expected level that you should have reached before enrolling on the MASt course, you should choose six modules from the list of those offered this year and then check the suggested prerequisite modules on the module webpage. You can find a list of our third-year modules here. Third-year exam papers from previous years are available by contacting the course director: s dot adams at warwick dot ac dot uk.

The "are you ready?" page also has links to some sample past exam papers.


Applying for the Master of Advanced Study

Please follow the instructions here.

As part of your personal statement, you should identify six modules choices and outline how you meet the required prerequisites for those modules.

For study in the academic year in 2019/20 complete applications (including references) must be received by midnight (end of the day) on Sunday 21st July 2019.


The Home/EU fee for the course is £9,000, the same as for the fourth year of the MMath. The overseas fee for 2017/18 is £19,950 which includes an approximate 15% discount (worth over £3,500). For further information including funding opportunities click here. If you are a student from the UK please note that since this is a nine-month PG course it is not eligible for a postgraduate loan.


For enquiries about the course itself, please contact Dr Stefan Adams ( S dot Adams at warwick dot ac dot uk).

For any inquiries about the application process please contact the Postgraduate Coordinator(postgrad at maths dot warwick dot ac dot uk ).

Information about postgraduate study at Warwick

Further information about Postgraduate Study at Warwick on the University pages.

Warwick Graduate School Portal

Information for International students


Contact (for admissions queries):
Postgraduate Coordinator for MASt in Mathematical Sciences

postgrad at maths dot warwick dot ac dot uk


Contact (for course queries):

Dr Stefan Adams
Director of MASt in Mathematical Sciences
S dot Adams at warwick dot ac dot uk