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Course Regulations (Core and Optional Modules) for MASt

The course requirement is to take 90 CATS of taught modules at the MA4 level (or equivalent) plus the 30 CAT research project.

Research Project

The research project (MA4K9) is worth 30 CATS, i.e. 25% of the final mark. Submission deadline is normally in the middle of the Easter vacation period. There will be an oral exam on the contents of the project early in Term 3.

You should choose a project in an area that interests you. It is your responsibility to find a supervisor and to agree a project with him or her. The sooner you find a project supervisor the better; you will then be able to start background reading.

You can find more details here - regulations are the same as for the 4th year MMath Research Project.

Module Options

Standard module options for 2016/17 are listed below. Those wishing to take other modules should see the MASt Director of Studies.
Most modules are 15 CATS, which means 6 modules. Please note that some of the Physics modules however only count as 7.5 CATS, i.e. half a module.

Mathematics modules

Further details of these mathematics modules can be found here.

Module Code Module Name Credits
MA424 Dynamical Systems 15
MA427 Ergodic Theory 15
MA433 Fourier Analysis 15
MA453 Lie Algebras 15
MA467 Presentations of Groups 15
MA474 Representation Theory 15
MA475 Riemann Surfaces 15
MA482 Stochastic Analysis 15
MA4A2 Advanced PDEs 15
MA4A5 Algebraic Geometry 15
MA4A7 Quantum Mechanics: Basic Principles & Probabilistic Methods 15
MA4C0 Differential Geometry 15
MA4E0 Lie Groups 15
MA4E3 Asymptotic Methods 15
MA4E7 Population Dynamics: Ecology & Epidemiology 15
MA4F7 Brownian Motion 15
MA4G4 Introduction to Theoretical Neuroscience 15
MA4G6 Calculus of Variations 15
MA4H4 Geometric Group Theory 15
MA4H7 Atmospheric Dynamics 15
MA4H8 Ring Theory 15
MA4H9 Modular Forms 15
MA4J0 Advanced Real Analysis 15
MA4J3 Graph Theory 15
MA4J5 Structures of Complex Systems 15
MA4J7 Cohomology and Poincare Duality 15
MA4L0 Advanced Topics in Fluids 15
MA4L2 Statistical Mechanics 15
MA4L3 Large Deviation Theory 15

Statistics modules

Further details of these statistics modules can be found here.

Module Code Module Name Credits
ST401 Stochastic Methods in Finance 15
ST402 Risk Theory 15
ST403 Brownian Motion 15
ST404 Applied Statistical Modelling 15
ST405 Bayesian Forecasting and Intervention with Advanced Topics 15
ST406 Applied Stochastic Processes with Advanced Topics 15
ST407 Monte Carlo Methods 15
ST409 Medical Statistics with Advanced Topics 15
ST410 Designed Experiments with Advanced Topics 15
ST411 Dynamic Stochastic Control 15
ST412 Multivariate Statistics with Advanced Topics 15
ST413 Bayesian Statistics and Decision Theory with Advanced Topics 15
ST414 Advanced Topics in Statistics 15
ST416 Advanced Topics in Biostatistics 15
ST418 Statistical Genetics and Advanced Topics 15

Physics modules

Further details of these physics modules can be found here.

Module Code Module Name Credits
PX408 Relativistic Quantum Mechanics 7.5
PX416 High Energy Astrophysics 7.5
PX420 Solar Magnetohydrodynamics 7.5
PX425 High Performance Computing in Physics 7.5
PX430 Gauge Theories for Particle Physics 7.5
PX431 Structure & Dynamics of Solids 15
PX435 Neutrino Physics 7.5
PX436 General Relativity 15
PX437 Exo-Planets 7.5
PX438 Physics for Fusion Power 7.5
PX441 Quantum Theory of Interacting Particles 15
PX444 The Distant Universe 7.5
PX445 Advanced Particle Physics 15