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SGSLC Committee


The Staff-Graduate Student Liaison Committee (SGSLC) is a forum for mathematics graduate students and staff to discuss issues of learning, teaching and student support. It provides an avenue for graduate students to raise concerns, as well as a way for staff to receive feedback on proposed changes.

The SGSLC is led and organised by the student representatives, supported by a number of key members of staff. The committee currently meets once a term, and all students are welcome to volunteer as representatives. We particularly encourage new students to attend and participate in creating the optimal environment for postgraduate students.

The current student officers are

  • Chair, Philip Herbert;
  • Secretary, Anna Skorobogatova;

Current staff in regular attendance include

  • Jose Rodrigo, Director of Graduate Studies;
  • Daniel Ueltschi, Director of MSc Studies;
  • Monica Dinu, Postgraduate Coordinator;
  • Jenny Bowskill, Departmental Administrator;

Current student representatives include

Minutes of previous meetings can be found here - SGSLC Minutes

Date of next meeting: A Wednesday in the first half of term 2 @2pm. All postgraduates are welcome!