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BMC and BAMC 2018 Departmental Support

The Department will make a contribution towards the costs of attending either the BMC or BAMC conferences in 2018

Please note there is limited funding so priority will be given to applications that are received early. We expect you to also apply for bursaries offered by the organisers and to notify us of the outcome.

Any claims (up to a maximum of £400 for BAMC or TBC for BMC) must be supported by relevant evidence (eg., receipts) and claimed through the department’s finance office in the usual way. Any overspend must receive additional approval.

The Department expects you to volunteer to give a talk or poster if appropriate.

You should discuss this with your supervisor.
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This form will be used to manage attendance at an event. Your attendance at the event will be recorded and associated with your name, but no other personally identifiable data will be stored, and the data will not be used for any purpose other than as a record of the event.
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