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Masters and PhD Degrees

Masters Degrees
PhD Degrees
Please note:

Postgraduate Diploma - The department does not admit students directly onto the Postgraduate Diploma.

Two-year MSc - It is possible to take the MSc in two years rather than the standard one year. This option is primarily for those who have some mathematical training but aren't at a sufficient level to pass a full set of postgraduate examinations after one year of study.


Mathematics or Interdisciplinary Mathematics?


Mathematics at Warwick covers a full range of both pure and applied areas. The Mathematics Postgraduate Degrees are appropriate for students with a strong and broad mathematical background who wish to continue to focus on primarily mathematical questions in their postgraduate work.

Interdisciplinary Mathematics

Requirements and procedures for Interdisciplinary Mathematics degrees are very similar to those for the Mathematics degrees, except that any coursework and all research involves both mathematics and another discipline. For example Mathematics and Physics, Mathematics and Biology, or Mathematics and Economics. To achieve this, students are required to take modules both in Mathematics and from at least one other department. Theses and dissertations are required to be interdisciplinary.

Students interested in interdisciplinary degrees with mathematics and any type of finance will be directed to the Financial Mathematics MSc.