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Careers Day 2021

The SIAM-IMA career days are panel-based event for the postgraduate mathematical community at the University of Warwick. The main aim of the events are to provide current mathematics (or related) postgraduate students the opportunity to ask questions they have about career pathways available to them following the completion of their studies. Click here to see a poster explaining the event (and for a link to the MS Team where it's taking place)! Also see a previous presentation given by Dr. Marie-Therese Wolfram on 'Jobs in Academia'.

There are two planned events, one for careers in academia and one for careers in industry (see below for details). Feel free to attend either (or both)!

  • Academic careers - 29th April 2021 (4 - 5.30pm): This event will consist of a short presentation by Dr. Marie-Therese Wolfram (Mathematics Institute) describing the current environment around careers in academia. This will be followed by a panel session comprised of a mixture of postdocs and academics where attendees will be free to ask questions about their experiences of academia. The panellists are:
    • Dr. Marie-Therese Wolfram - Associate Professor, University of Warwick
    • Dr. Radu Cimpeanu – Assistant Professor, University of Warwick  
    • Prof. Samir Siksek - Professor of Mathematics, University of Warwick
    • Dr. Philip Herbert – ex-student now Research Associate at University of Koblenz 
    • Dr. Maciej Buze – ex-student now Research Associate at Cardiff University 
    • Dr. Alejandra Avalos-Pacheco – ex-student now Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University
  • Industry careers - 6th May 2021 (4 - 5.30pm): This event will follow a similar format, consisting of panellists made up of former mathematics (or related) postgraduate students who have entered a career in industry or something outside of academia. Again attendees will be able to ask questions about their experiences. The panellists are:
    • Dr. Valerio Perrone – ex-student now Machine Learning Scientist at Amazon 
    • Dr. Lewis Rendell – ex-student now Data Scientist at Google  
    • Dr. Dominik Stuerzer – Quantitative Researcher at G-Research
    • Dr. Huan Wu – ex-student now Project Leader at Numerical Modelling and Optimisation at TWI

To join the event, please email one of the committee members and they will send you the MS Teams link.