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Postgraduate Funding and Fees

Funding for Mathematics PhD starting in 2018

PhD studentship in Mathematics or Interdisciplinary Mathematics

University of Warwick
“Nonlinear dynamics for stellarator design”
28 September 2018 – 31 August 2022
We seek a highly motivated and intelligent student with training in dynamical systems theory, especially Hamiltonian dynamics, for a PhD project in stellarator design.
The project is to explore the possibilities to make magnetic confinement devices for plasma with integrable or nearly integrable guiding-centre dynamics (to maximise the confinement) and no or small toroidal current (to minimise the need for current drive and associated instabilities), called stellarators. The latter condition requires significant deviation from axisymmetry, which is otherwise the straightforward way of achieving the former and is the principle of the tokamak. Integrability is guaranteed, however, for a generalisation called quasisymmetry. The questions are to what extent quasisymmetry can be realised by magnetohydrodynamic equilibria and how small the toroidal current can be made.
The studentship is funded by a maintenance grant from the Simons Foundation under an international collaboration on “Hidden symmetries and fusion energy” at the standard EPSRC rate and fees paid by the Mathematics department for an EU citizen (with possibility to negotiate for fees for a strong non-EU citizen). The Simons Foundation grant will also pay for the student to participate in collaboration meetings in the USA.
Interested applicants are invited to contact and to apply for PhD in Mathematics or Interdisciplinary Mathematics (according to which you think would suit you best), via , specifying that you want to be considered for the Nonlinear Dynamics for Stellarator Design studentship with R.S.MacKay.

Funding for Mathematics students starting in 2019

  • Approximately 10 Department PhD studentships in Mathematics or Interdisciplinary Mathematics including EPSRC funded (DTP) studentships. Full fees and stipend for 3.5 years for eligible home/EU students.
  • Chancellor's International Scholarships. Competitive scheme for overseas students (non-EU). Stipend and/or overseas fees for 3.5 years. Next Deadline for applications is 18th January 2019. Details
See below for details and for other potential sources of funding.

Funding for PhD students in MASDOC

  • Studentships are available in MASDOC, the Centre for Doctoral Training based in the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics. The MASDOC programme is rooted in four major areas: Analysis, Numerics, Probability and Statistics. Students may specialise in one or more of the areas.

Funding for MSc and PhD students in Mathematics for Real-World Systems, and Molecular Analytical Sciences

Funding for Mathematics or Interdisciplinary Mathematics students

Please note that the demand for financial assistance is high and therefore very competitive. If you are from outside the UK (and especially from outside the EU), you are strongly encouraged to enquire about funding through your home country.


  • Eligibility: PhD students from the UK and EU.
  • Provides: Fees and maintenance stipend for UK students and EU students who have been resident in the UK for 3 years prior to application. Fees only (without maintenance) for other EU students.
  • Fees are at the Home/EU rate (£4,260 for full-time students in 2018/19). Maintenance stipend is in line with the UK Research Council rates (£14,777 in 2018/19).
  • Duration: 3.5 years.
  • Closing Date: None - it is recommended that you apply as soon as possible.
  • See Application Information below.

Department Awards

  • Eligibility: PhD students from the UK and EU who are eligible to pay Home/EU fees.
  • Provides: Fees, and maintenance stipend for UK students and EU students at the standard UK Research Council rate (£14,777 in 2018/19).
  • Duration: 3.5 years.
  • Closing Date: None - it is recommended that you apply as soon as possible.
  • See Application Information below.

Chancellor's International Scholarships

  • Eligibility: PhD applicants who expect to be 'overseas' students for fees purposes.
  • Provides: Full payment of overseas tuition fees and a maintenance stipend in line with UK Research Council rates (£14,777 in 2018/19).
  • Duration: 3.5 years.
  • For more details, see link and Application Information below.
  • Closing Date: 18th January 2019.

Project Grant Studentships 

  • Each year there are a small number of PhD studentships available, for work on a particular project, funded from grants held by individual members of staff. These are advertised here as they become available.
  • Eligibility: Usually for UK and EU students, but dependent on the funder.
  • Starting and Closing Date: Dependent on the project.

Other University Scholarships

  • Information on Scholarships for Masters and PhD studies are also available from the Graduate School.
  • The International Office also offers a range of scholarships for both MSc and PhD students.

Fees for Postgraduate Degrees

The fees charged by the University for postgraduate degrees can be found on the University Funding pages.
  • The fees for the MSc are found under the heading of Taught Postgraduate Students.
  • The fees for the PhD are found under Research Postgraduate Students.

Application Information 

  • You will be asked whether you require funding as part of the University's PhD application process. If you are seeking funding, this must be made clear in the application.
  • Applications for postgraduate courses at the University of Warwick are handled centrally. Their website provides general information on how to apply.
  • The application process for EPSRC DTA Awards and Department Awards is the same. All eligible, well-qualified applicants requesting funding on their application form will be considered for these awards as part of the PhD application process.
  • Students who wish to be considered for the University's highly prestigious Chancellor's International Scholarships should read carefully the available information (see above links).

Other Information

  • The Department regards teaching as a valuable part of the training of postgraduate students and specific training for teaching is provided. Under normal circumstances the Department expects EPSRC and department funded PhD students to apply to take undergraduate supervisions (small classes), support classes, and to get involved in other teaching-related activities. Those undertaking such tasks will in return receive a modest stipend.



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