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MA933 - Module Resources

Lecturer: Stefan Grosskinsky (email)

TA: Andrea Pizzoferrato (email)

Lectures: Tue 11-1 and Fri 11-1 in D1.07

Classes: Tue 2-4 and Fri 2-4 in D1.07


  • Written class test (about 1.5 hours) on Tue 01.11. at 2pm in D1.07, counts 25/100 (pdf).
    No books allowed, please only come with writing material and have your student ID number ready to put on the exam booklet.
    Last year's class test (pdf), turned out to be a bit too much for the time, might be a bit shorter this year.
  • Viva/oral examination on Fri 04.11. in D1.07, 20 minutes per student, counts 50/100. Viva timetable and list of viva topics.
  • homework counts 25/100 marks


  • course notes that are updated regularly (currently last year's final version): notes_ma933.pdf
  • the first part of notes for the previous module CO905 Stochastic models of complex systems provide a slightly more complete introduction to Markov chains and might be useful for background reading

Problem sheets

  • sheet 1: deadline extended to Friday 16.10., 2pm, counts 40% of homework marks
    Simple random walk, generators and eigenvalues, Toom's model
  • sheet 2: due Wednesday 4.11., 23:59, counts 60% of homework marks
    Birth-death chains, contact process, random networks
    solution kindly provided by Chris Davis



  • 06.10.: matrixFun.m (matrix manipulations), tooms.m (for Q1.4, run with 3 arguments in Matlab command line)
  • 16.10.:, zip file with c code and random number generator for the contact process
    compile as: gcc contact.c mtwist.c (possibly adding other options)
  • 23.10.: question2_5_a.m, to measure component sizes, to be used together with matlab tools for network analysis from MIT
  • 27.10.: prefattach.m (to generate a generalized preferential attachment network for Q2.4), wignerlaw.m (to check the Wigner semicircle law for ER random graphs)

Additional stuff