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W-CAHRD is a global network bringing together individuals, disciplines and organisations to develop practical solutions to health needs. In particular, W-CAHRD works with resource limited nations to transform health systems and improve the health of low and middle income populations.

W-CAHRD works in strategic partnership with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM).

W-CAHRD is about developing practical solutions to health needs, including operational, implementation, and health systems research giving Warwick the opportunity to widen its participation in the International Health, (IH) field.

Our mission is to harness diverse areas of expertise to help transform health systems with a focus on improving global health. This involves:

  • Conducting first-class applied health research and disseminating the results of that research
  • Developing systems and technologies for healthcare and assisting in their transfer and management
  • Harness science for the benefit of humanity

Effective, innovative, and affordable policies and practice are essential for improving health. Developing and successfully implementing such policies and practices to scale for the benefit of the health of poor populations is the focus of the CAHRD.

At the University of Warwick we are very experienced in crafting competitive funding applications for the evaluation of complex interventions. We have special expertise in methodological research, which cuts across high and middle to low income countries, in the following areas:

  • Assessing economic value
  • A Bayesian approach to knowledge which is very useful for decision-making
  • The design of trials and world leaders in cluster step-wedge design

Through the CAHRD network, new ideas, methodologies, approaches and interventions for operational, implementation, and health systems research are shared and developed into solutions to health problems. Collaborative bids are written to secure funding to test and implement these solutions.