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Research Culture

At its simplest level, research culture can be described as the environment in which research and innovation takes place. It encompasses the behaviours, values, expectations, attitudes and norms [Royal SocietyLink opens in a new window] within our diverse research community of researchers and research enablers, providing an essential foundation for the research we undertake. This short video from Royal SocietyLink opens in a new window explains more about Research Culture within an organisation.

High-quality research is therefore dependent upon a thriving and positive research culture. Everyone can help to improve the working environment and hence the research culture at WMS.

We have developed an Enhancing Research Culture Roadmap to chart the course for our ongoing Research Culture development. Discover more in the Developing our Strategy area below.

Get in touch

If you have any ideas on how we can improve the Research Culture please do get in touch.

Professor Kirstie Haywood

Leading on the creation of WMS's Research Culture strategy and exploring opportunities for greater collaboration.

Adele Kenny

WMS's first Research Culture Officer, working closely with Professor Kirstie Heywood to explore what Research Culture means to our staff and students

Developing our Strategy

By actively engaging with all staff and students we sought to better understand people’s experience of WMS’s research culture and their ideas for change. This informed the creation of the ‘WMS Research Culture Roadmap’ which will help to chart the course for our ongoing Research Culture development.

Research Culture Community

Enhancing WMS’s Research Culture through Co-Production and Active Community Engagement

News | Events

Research Culture News

Enhancing Research Culture Funding Success

Research Culture Events

Research Culture Cafes and Roadmap – led by Kirstie Haywood and Adele Kenny

Ambassadors for Better Research Culture – led by Cerys Currie

Beacon Internships - led by Chloe Berg and Lauren Ketteridge

The creation of the WMS Research Culture webpages has been made possible thanks to Research England's Enhancing Research Culture Fund.